dBASI technology group

dbasi technology group

Bringing people and technology together for 30 years

At dBASI we believe that your voice is the most important part of bringing success to our solutions. Hearing from you and aligning our work to your needs assures that your goals are met and exceeded.
Together with our clients, we utilize technology to create the best experience with audio, visual, lighting, control and acoustics technology.

technology systems through collaboration


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Defining the scope and direction of your technology needs is an important first step in accomplishing your goals.

Our design consultants have decades of experience across a myriad of industries and are constantly vetting the latest technologies to help you determine the smartest and most impactful path for your space.

at the intersection of technology + experience 


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Designing and installing high-quality technology systems to create the most desired experience for a space is a powerful challenge.

We have 30 years of experience collaborating with clients to transform a space through audio, video, lighting, and control systems.

acoustic harmony through technology


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Every space has its own acoustic challenges. It’s our mission to define the limitations of your space and design the acoustic solution to maximize the room’s potential.

Your enjoyment of your space is preeminent. That’s why we thoroughly map the acoustics and design acoustic materials and sound control to make the most of how you are going to utilize your space.